Does Your City or Town Need Digital Signage?

We’ll Give You the Top 10 Reasons Why We Think the Answer Is “YES”!!

1. Produce Revenue

A city-owned LED sign isn’t just for government-related business. The best use of digital signage space is for revenue generation. This is achieved by selling ad space to local and state businesses or even national chains.

2. Practical Advertising

In today’s age, advertising on digital media is more cost effective than print or TV / radio. You can entice businesses to advertise on particular signs by leveraging the amount of traffic that passes by each sign daily. This allows cities to set their advertising rates so they are competitive with other advertising media.

3. Peak Interest

Outdoor LED boards are dynamic and allow changes to occur on a set schedule. This allows cities to cycle through multiple messages in every rotation. This increases revenue for the city but also increases visibility for the business owner that is advertising on the LED sign. When signage is constantly changing, passersby are more likely to notice the digital board than they would a static board.

4. Promote Local Events

Digital signage is a fantastic way for your city or town to promote your own events. Whether your town is hosting a music festival, community fair, town social or local school event, you can let the entire world know through your digital signage. By advertising on digital signage, you potentially increase the number of visitors attending the event as well as possible vendors, thereby increasing dollars spent inside your town.

5. Promote Your Town

You know what makes your town special but does everyone else? Digital signage is a great way to let everyone know! Is your town most known for Elvis sightings or home to the world’s largest basket? Do people want to stop in to visit a well-known museum or art exhibit? Announce what makes your town worthy or a stop using your digital signage.

6. Pride in the Community

When people known what’s going on and feel a sense of community, they develop a greater sense of pride for their town. This in turn creates a greater sense of responsibility which generates increased volunteerism, tourism and personal social media presence. A greater positive image of your town in the community increases the likelihood that residents will participate in community events as well as invite their friends and family.

7. Persuade Interest in Town

Digital signage can be placed all throughout the town or strategically along busy intersections or highways. Local businesses can share information about events, promote specials or activities happening in the community. This encourages drivers to stop and explore the town which helps to generate revenue for local businesses.

8. Post Emergency Messages

Being from Oklahoma, we known how extremely important it is to stay alert during severe weather. Digital signs help to ensure that all citizens are notified with a consistent message in the case of an emergency. You can provide a multitude of emergency messages including road closure for accidents/construction, Amber/Silver alerts, as well as severe weather emergencies in the area.

9. Public Assistance

While most individuals have GPS technology on their smartphones, digital signage can still play a part in providing assistance when it comes to wayfinding. The most common wayfinding examples are found at bus stops, train stations and municipal airports. Wayfinding is also used in downtown districts to map routes to favorite shops, local parks and city offices. Revenue dollars can be leveraged for businesses wanting to take advantage of advertising on wayfinding kiosks.

10. Promote Local Shops

Most large businesses can afford advertising dollars, however small businesses struggle with the extra income to set aside for advertising and marketing. Digital signage makes advertising very affordable and extremely fruitful. Your town can reserve advertising rotations specifically for local businesses. This builds trust in the local community as well as helps boost revenue for the local commerce.