Video Over IP

HARTLAND PRODUCTIONS has partnered with VISIONARY SOLUTIONS to provide real-time high-quality AV over IP solutions for nearly any type of application.  We offer a wide range of encoders, including SD, HD, 4K and the latest UHD technology standards to provide superior quality, performance, flexibility and outstanding value.

If it is good enough for NASA why use anything else!

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(Note:  If the screen is black the ISS is on the dark side of the Earth)

Video Over IP Solutions:

  • IPTV — Simultaneously stream live, video-on-demand (VOD) and multicast video feeds to an unlimited number of viewers.  VSI’s encoders feature standard MPEG-2/MPEG-4 hardware compression and optimized network interface technology that guarantees exceptional video and audio quality while maximizing operational efficiency and cost savings for IPTV providers.
  • Digital Signage — Flawlessly insert live streaming video into your digital signage displays using VSI’s IPTV.  Omnivex’s Moxie signage software and VSI’s IPTV service provide a robust system to display live stream video for solutions such as video conferencing, live cooking displays, telecommuter educational courses, emergency messaging services, live sporting events, etc.
  • Mobile Delivery — Simple delivery of live and file-based content to any connected device, including mobile phones, tablets and set-top boxes, using a web-based infrastructure.
  • Confidence / Remote Monitoring — Using IP infrastructure, VSI encoders are the ideal solution for enterprise applications that require reliable HD, full-frame rate, IP video stream for remote monitoring.  VSI’s sophisticate H.264 hardware compression and optimized transmission technology, users can cost-effectively deliver high-quality, real-time video signals from any operating environment to remote locations on a variety of mobile devices.
  • Edge Acquisition — IPTV encoders deliver exceptional video and audio quality from the edge of any public or private network.  When housed in a high-density, rack-mountable MPP from VSI, AVN encoders offer an unmatched flexibility, quality and performance for edge redistribution and edge content acquisition applications.  With the capability of supporting multiple AVN series encoder blades and power supply modules, VSI’s MPP solution offers total redundancy for the best possible quality of service.
  • Webcasting — Leveraging H.264 video compression, VSiCaster offers a powerful end-to-end webcasting solution for broadcasters that is robust, portable and easy to setup.  Anyone from broadcast professionals to video amateurs can seamlessly broadcast high-quality video content over the internet to hundreds or thousands of viewers.